Instagram is a social network numbering millions of users worldwide. It allows sharing memorable moments of your life, communicating with other Insta users, following celebrities and many more interesting activities.

Communication on Instagram means a lot. How can you communicate with clients and other followers? We will tell you about it step by step.

Choose the right username

Instagram is an international social network, so first you should think about a good username, which should be clear to all, use English. The best variant is to mention your real name or the name of your business company, you can also follow Eddie Murphy’s example. He mentioned his name and the main idea of his profile. As you see, the content corresponds to the username. These actions will help you to introduce yourself to the users and to start communication.


Ways of communication

The easiest way to communicate — comments. Don’t be shy to comment on someone’s photo or video if you really like it. Ask, be polite and positive! In one word: show the interest. For example, you can ask recipes or advice. Another way — Direct Messages. Direct allows to send both photos and messages. You can send it to 15 followers. Besides, it is possible to accept messages only from the approved users (or from those whom you follow) — as a result, your mail won’t be filled with spam.

Through communication with other users, you can make valuable contacts. Not everyone wants to react in comments under photos, therefore it is often possible to write directly. If there is a need to mention somebody in a comment, you should start with “@” and then write a username. Thus, the mentioned person will receive the message that will be displayed in his news feed.