Pinterest and Instagram. What does unit these two social networks? Perhaps the fact that they are both grandiose channels for businesses! And due to the latest innovation that allows claiming an Instagram account on Pinterest, you have even greater chances of promoting your brand on both platforms. From now on, there is a real chance to get attribution on any Pins originating from an Insta account despite the fact that someone else might have done the pinning. Besides, this way you have an access to a more dependable analytics system, as well as deeper insights concerning the performance of your content.

So, if this interested you, InstaBF will gladly present to your attention a guidance on how you can claim an Insta account on Pinterest. InstaBF is a credible service offering amazing packages of Instagram and IGTV likes, followers, views, and comments on beneficial conditions.



How You Can Claim an IG Account on Pinterest


If you plan to link your Instagram account on Pinterest, you will have to do it from the mobile version of Pinterest. For this, just get to your Pinterest profile, and tap the lovely button in a hexagon form located in the top-right corner. Now you can open “Edit Settings” and find the new section titled “Claim Accounts”. Here you will find several options including Etsy, YouTube and, of course, Instagram! Toggle the switch you will find in front of the latter and log into your IG account. After this, you’ll see an authorization window popping up to confirm. After this, you will have your IG account connected to Pinterest just as you wished!

In fact, linking these two accounts promises tons of benefits to you. Particularly which, let’s find out together.



Benefits You Will Get by Claiming Your IG Account on Pinterest


Accessing to Better Analytics


Perhaps the major benefit of claiming an IG account on Pinterest, a wider and more credible array of Pins’ analytics are opened to you. Whenever you or any other Instagrammer share any post of your IG to Pinterest, you become able to track any actions taken on that particular Pin.

However, remember that to have this analytics, your Pinterest account should be of a business type.



Getting Attribution on All of Your Pins


The next significant benefit of linking an IG account to Pinterest is obtaining attribution on any Pins originating from IG. With this said, in case you or another person creates a Pin with the content of your IG account, that very Pin will have the picture of your profile, as well as a new “Follow” button on it. And once a person taps that Pin, he will be redirected to your Instagram account. Meanwhile, by tapping the follow button, they will follow you on Pinterest.



Getting More Traffic from Pinterest


This benefit is closely related to the previous one. By linking an IG account to Pinterest and thus obtaining greater attribution on all Pins originating from IG, you significantly raise your chances of getting more traffic and more monthly viewers to both IG and Pinterest accounts.