Instagram has become the most popular way to visualize ideas, to catch moments. There are half of a billion users. It’s very easy to start marketing campaign on there. Instagram has one useful feature for such type of promotion: people can show their brand, job process from unofficial point of view. Thus close connection between seller and buyer are related. It is obvious that sellers would usually try to work with the ready to work account, rather than redraft it from scratch. You’re happy if buyers know your brand and you don’t have any problems with selling.

In this short article we try to aware you of the standard strategies of Instagram promotion. We hope this brief lesson will help you to calm down and start to create promotion ways.

Create an informative profile

Buyers should know as much as you can let them know. Seller’s BIO plays a great role. Firstly, separate your personal account from business profile. Followers get familiar with you due to BIO self-presentation. Write all substantial information such as company title, what are doing, describe briefly what you can offer to buyers. It is better to write professionally, creatively, specific and straight. These characteristics are strongly influences on selling, which depends on buyer credibility. Be accurate with that, if you value company reputation.

Create qualitative posts

Attractiveness of Instagram profile depends on content. The best tip in here is that you should create content, which you want to follow by your own. We mean: try to think as a consumer, be more sensible. Images should be on subject.

Direct connection

One more strategy is to involve followers in a process of promotion. Seller, who is open-minded, positive and easygoing usually has sell more. Open connection implies asking question and dialogue at all, also the good is to make contest, give-away and sfs. What’s more, these three things will attract new followers.