Do you know what “black hat” is? This is an underhanded technique which can break a rule or even a set of rules. And if you are trying to present your social media account better than it is, it means you are engaging in the black hat. And if at first sight, you may find it beneficial, in the long run, it can ruin your presence on Instagram. Black hat tricks include sharing malicious links, creating dummy accounts to increase the number of followers and engagement, using certain programs that help you automatically follow new accounts. Generally, black hat tricks also include buying followers, comments and likes if the source is a fake account. When dealing with InstaBF, in the meantime, you get engagement from real HQ looking profiles from which you will only benefit.



Why Is Black Hat Bad?


First of all, the black hat ruins one’s Instagram and, generally, social media reputation. Once people find out you are trying to dupe them, you will instantly lose both them and the chance of getting new ones. And anti-advertisement on your account will spread among their followers, then among the followers of their followers … The chain is endlessly long.

On the other hand, fake automated followers do never stay engaged long as they aren’t real people. That’s why you’d better forget about inflated numbers that provide absolutely no real value.



Black Hat Tactics You’d Better Avoid


Here are the main black hat tactics you should avoid by all means if you want to create a remarkable Instagram account and prosper your business through it.


The Same Content on across All Social Media Accounts


If you are sharing the same messages across all your social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you are doing a big mistake. Surely, this way you save time and keep all your accounts active. In fact, this way you run the risk of achieving quite bizarre results. The reason for this is that the vocabulary and style of every social platform differ just as the caption length and image formatting. If you use a certain word or expression in one platform and it’s super trendy, the same word or expression might be inappropriate for another platform. What to do instead? Just be authentic on every social platform, make fluent content for each of them separately and you’ll get real conversations with all your followers – let them be on Instagram or any other social media.




Automation on the social network means using paid bots to attract followers, get likes, derive backlinks, generate comments, etc. If you resort to this, all the new followers you attract will quickly unfollow you once they find out how unauthentic you and your brand are in reality. And the “likes” you have got will be turned to “hates”. Instead, opt for engaging only with real people and in real time, provide them with real thoughts and content.


Spamming Instagram


If you start spamming Instagram by posting extraneous and unrelated posts, people will soon despise you. There’s no Instagram user who will stand spam and your brand will be worn down with no prospect of being built up again. Accordingly, follow these steps:

  • Be real
  • Post responsibly
  • Be engaging and polite
  • Be personal
  • Do all these on your own without resorting to any bots


Sharing Shady Content and Pages


This black hat technique involves stuffing keywords (adding irrelevant keywords and phrases to manipulate the search ranking), hidden text (adding keywords which are invisible for readers yet visible for search engines), exchanging or buying links, cloaking, etc.


You see, there are multiple ways of breaking Instagram and generally social media rules but if you dare, be prepared to pay dues! Losing your efforts and money invested in black hat tricks is only the beginning. Your manipulations are sure to be followed by ruining your Instagram reputation as a brand.