Not so far Instagram launched the new system of newsfeed organization. Then now subscribers have the most interesting posts on the top. So, time of making posts has acquired more essential importance. How to choose the best time to get more attention to your profile for getting more likes?


By the way, analytics of different companies are very interested in this topic, it’s a kind of hot issue for them — there are a great number of researches, which were dedicated for it. Let’s see the results. So, according to the scientists, the best time period for posting content on Instagram is 5-6 pm. You also should learn the time of activity of your followers. It would help you to create some kind of statistics diagram and to correct the time of publications.


But the idea of posting in a definite time is contradict the meaning of Instagram in common, which is implied sharing photos and videos at the very moment. So, if you’ve captured something interesting, you should share it immediately without waiting for appropriate time. You can try to post content on different time and see after activity of followers.


As you see, this analytic work takes a good deal of time, it’s rather faster, favorable and more effectively to buy likes and then be smitten with your posts on the top.