There can be no denial that a good picture is worth a thousand words, and what about a museum picture? The latter is definitely worth a million words! There are fantastic museums that are capable of breaking physical boundaries on such a giant social network like Instagram. They bring their best narratives (though all narratives in museums are amazing) to people’s homes who don’t have enough time to step inside a museum’s doors. This photo sharing network is a perfect means of connecting different audiences to such cultural institutions of a great importance as museums. This way they significantly increase the awareness of art collections and missions of museums.

As you can easily guess, today InstaBF is going to address to Instagram accounts of the most famous museums. Your faithful Instagram and IGTV provider InstaBF would like to organize a small tour of the world’s museums which have created stunning accounts on Instagram. So, the hour of art has started!



Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco

If you can’t visit one of the most popular museums devoted to modern art, you should at least follow it on Instagram. Here you will be shown not only photos of colorful and bright modern installations, but also glimpses to behind the scenes of exhibitions. Besides, this way you can be constantly aware of all the upcoming shows. Be one of the 305k followers of #sfmoma.



Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, New York

New York’s third largest museum the Brooklyn Museum opens its doors wide for all history’lovers. It shows pictures all of which have poignant histories. Besides, through the Instagram account fans of this museum can be constantly aware of frequently organized #ArtHistoryHappyHours. These are unique days when people can gather in the museum to discuss exhibitions and listen to an art education while enjoying free drinks. #brooklynmuseum has around 584k followers.



Musée du Louvre in Paris

There is a very misery chance that you won’t love strolling in the feed of #museelouvre. One of the most famous and timeless precious museums of the world has not less impressive account on Instagram. Most famous collections of the museum are resembled in its account, too. Besides, you can admire the astounding images of the famed exterior of this grand building. Around 1.7 million followers of this establishment are amazed by the images showcased.



The Tate in the UK

As you might know, the world-known Tate museum has four individual galleries situated in Cornwall, Liverpool, and of course London. However, the Instagram account of Tate Museum units them all into one incredible platform to admire its massive collections. The purpose of the Tate is to increase the understanding of art using all possible means including the social media. Up till now, the grandiose museum #tate has attracted over 2.2 million followers on Instagram. It’s high time you become one of them.



Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg

Around 215k followers of Hermitage Museum will state that this is a magnificent visual area of the finest art. Here you can admire not only the grandiose works of the most talented artists but also the most original photos of the museum’s visitors. To get your daily portion of art, follow #hermitage_museum.