Hashtagging helps to organize and categorize Instagram content. For a better understanding try to imagine a giant library with thousands of books. The organization of the library is, obviously, tough work. The library represents Instagram itself; in accordance with this analogy books and papers are posts, and the names of categories are hashtags. So, when you want to study, for example, the theory of relativity, you go to the section “Physics” and search for the bookshelf with “Quantum Physics” where you  find a plenty of books about the theory of relativity.

In other words, when you searches  #healthyfood on Instagram, the app shows you “books” and “papers” – posts that contain keywords “healthy food”. What is extremely important to mention is that Instagram demonstrate you the latest and top posts. That’s why when you use proper(!) hastagging you make your profile more discoverable for other users and increases you chances to gain big engagement.

The rules of proper hashtagging  remain the same : Be specific. Be relevant. Be observant. Before we start discussing how one can get on top on Instagram two main types of hashtags should be distinguished:

  • Branded Hashtags
  • Community Hashtags

Branded Hashtags

This type is a hashtag that is specific and unique to your business. This hashtag can represent itself a brand or product name or, for example, a campaign slogan. It’s worth mentioning the fact that 70% of hashtags are branded ones on Instagram. The purpose of this type is to develop brand identity, increase its awareness among followers, promote different campaigns and to create user-generated content.

The undeniable benefit of using this type of hashtags is a rapid growth of engagement. If you encourage people to use your branded hashtags in posts and promote your products, you will able to grow the presence of your brand on Instagram and boost you business’ success. We draw your attention to the fact that with a help of branded hashtagging you get the most loyal customers and followers and increase your brand awareness.

Community Hashtags

Community hashtags are created to unite like-minded users based on specific subjest or common interests. This type of hashtags can one describe as  small words or even phrases such as #gym or #brekfastsareamzing. It’s another way to gain more followers, develop your profile and even grow your own community. Community hashtags help you to increase the reach of your message.

They are more general and aren’t specific to any person or company. In order to use these community-oriented hashtags properly, surf the Instagram and find the most eye-catching hashtags that your favorite accounts use.

The undeniable benefit of this particular type of hashtagging is that it makes your content more discoverable to other users and build the audience. One should pay attention to the relevance of hashtags to the content he or she posts.

If your aim is to receive maximum from hashtags, you need to use a combination of branded and community hashtags.

The question is how to find Instagram hashtags which suit your account the best. And now we are going to discuss it.

How to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Your Account

While tagging the most “popular” hashtags such as #love or #sunset may get you a few likes or followers, it’s obviously not enough for a long-term relationship.

If you are determined to be successful than you have already understood that proper hashtagging can’t deliver results if you don’t have  a unique strategy. We also want to point out  the following: instead of using the “ most popular” hashtags try to find the top Instagram hashtags which have an engaging community behind them and specific to your content. We have formulated common rules which you may find useful.

Study Your Audience

As we have already mentioned that before using a bunch of random hashtags at the end of your Instagram posts won’t bring you any success and will be just a waste of your time. In order to understand what hashtags can have the highest chances of success on your profile study your audience. Find out what hashtags they use and which ones appeal to other followers the most. They can be branded or community hashtags, the only thing you should pay attention to is that they should fit the content you post. Search for those that contain keywords which are relevant to your profile.

Study Your Competitors

If you have a number of competitors that are already popular on Instagram, we advise you to use the opportunity and study hashtags that your foes frequently use. Choose those which they use on a consistent basis and provide the most engagement. A colorful variety of hashtags will, certainly, built a strong following and boost your success.

Study Industry Leaders

One of the best things about Instagram is that you can learn from the best profiles, nothing is hidden from your eyes. Study properly the most influential Instagram profiles that have similar targeted-audience as you.

Find Related Hashtags

This probably one of the most convenient and pleasant ways how one can find hashtags which fit his or her content. Research those trends that are relevant to your own hashtags. Type your hashtag in the app’s search bar and then in the selected “tags” choose the top hashtags that are closely related to your own one.

It is an extremely effective way to reach, monitor and grow your community.

You may start just with  searching different hashtags on Instagram. While you are typing, you see the list of so-called suggestions which you may use as potential hashtags to include in your posts. It’s a good way for community hashtags in particular. As for branded hashtags start thinking about hashtags that are closely related to your business.

You goal is to find those hashtags that include keywords  your potential targeted audience is likely to search for. Identifying the right hashtags to use saves your time and efforts and bring you faster results.