Nowadays you don’t have to be a movie star or a singer to get your 15 minutes of fame. There is Instagram, where everything you have to do is just to share your photos. There is even a term: Instagram famous. There are profiles with millions of followers and some Instagram celebrities can be so popular that you can literally get tired of them. They are so popular and influential that brands pay them to promote their products. So how they have become so popular? And what can you do to become one of the superstar Instagrammers?

Stick to a theme

Every Instagram celebrity has a certain niche, certain something that keeps people interested. Consider the type of content you want to share with the world. It can be a hobby or an obsession, something that fascinates or inspires you, something that reflects your personality. In such a way you can attract     followers who will share your interests. And if you are reading this and thinking that you don’t have anything special, don’t give up so easily, maybe you can find something special in ordinary things and write humorous captions, or you can take amazing selfies.

Stick to a posting schedule

It is very unlikely that you will keep your followers interested if you post once a week or disappear for a long time. Ideally you should post something daily.

Use hashtags… but not too many

Using the right hashtags ensures that you will attract more followers. However, when you use too many of them, it may seem that you are just desperate for likes. Moreover, a dozen of obvious, one word hashtags that all practically mean the same thing can get irritating. Get creative with hashtagging but don’t forget that your hashtags should be relevant to the post.

Take good photos (learn how to take good photos)

Take tons of photos. That is the way it works. You have to take at least 10 shots to get the best one. Do not post mediocre photos, post good or great ones. And don’t forget to edit and filter. As Instagram filters are rather limited, you can resort to such apps as Afterlight, Snapseed, and VSCO CAM.

Connect other social media to your Instagram account

Linking your Instagram account to the other social media accounts you have is a simple but an effective way to boost your profile. In this way your friends on these other social media can start following you on Instagram. Cross-promote and make sure that your existing friends and fans know about your Instagram profile.

Interact with other users

Comment other people’s posts and try to join Instagram communities. Follow your followers and your followers’ followers. Be constantly active. Getting noticed is one of the main steps on your way to getting Instafamous!

Get inspired

One of the most important things to attract followers is to post interesting content. So, seek for inspiration. You may find it in the Instagram accounts you personally follow (however, you better be careful here if you don’t want to become someone’s copy) or you can just get outside, explore things and try to see beauty in things.

  • Take part in Instagram contests
  • Do not forget about Insta stories and videos
  • Write interesting and creative captions

So, want to boost your profile and gain thousands of likes and followers? Remember one simple rule about Instagram: the more you use it, the more you will get out of it. Put some effort into it and enjoy the results! Start your way to Instafame now!