Around 80% of businesses worldwide hire dedicated teams to manage their Instagram. But far not all brands can afford to pay extra money on social media management. And if you wish not to waste away your valuable budget on outsourcing but use it more purposefully to reach out to new clients, we shall help you in this. No, we are not going to do that for you free of charge. Instead, we shall help you become your Instagram manager in only six steps! Do that yourself and add experts down the track as your business grows. 



Start Community-Building 


The primary step in running a good managing of your brand on Instagram is surrounding yourself with a strong community. Spend some time exploring members in your niche and then reach out to them. To create an online community you can spark a conversation around shared interests. People will gradually notice you share the content they like and their unique audiences will get to follow you, too. Once people recognize your value as a brand, they will keep an eye on all your posts and products, accordingly. The moment they start sharing your posts with their followers, your audience will naturally increase. 



Know Who Your Audience Is


Becoming an Instagram (or generally a social media) manager is a global strategy as more than half of brands in around 40 countries have stated they have put their efforts in online social networking marketing. Why do the same? Just because your potential customers are there, online on Instagram! It’s crucial to consider your audience on your way of becoming a social media manager. Think about what problems your customers may experience and what values can you offer them to solve the problems. By getting clear answers to these questions, you will know:

  • What type of content your audience looks for;
  • Particularly where they spend most of their time online;
  • How your brand can spark their interest.


To know your followers better, engage them in conversations by asking questions, posting polls, and generating a buzz for your brand. 



Manage Your Time Properly


Managing time wisely is a crucial point in becoming a successful Instagram manager. Surely, it won’t be wise of you to head to Instagram for every single post. Instead, you can make use of a scheduling tool. Using your Instagram analytics, find out particularly at hat time your followers are most active and schedule your posts. This way you will optimize Instagram for a peak engagement while managing the rest of your responsibilities. 



Make Budgeting 


If a social media manager can’t manage money wisely, he has no chances of success. Paid advertisements give a digital marketing strategy a tremendous boost! Mostly they use a cost-per-click strategy (the advertiser pays every time someone clicks on the ad). Be ready that it may take you some trials and errors before you determine the average price for every click. 



Hone Your Social Media Skills


Social media Instagram keeps on developing constantly. Therefore, bear in mind to sharpen your skillset from time to time to stay up to date with the latest Instagram trends. Besides, Instagram’s algorithm is constantly changing and alter the marketing strategy you have adopted. 



Analyse and Strategize 


A good Instagram marketing strategy is not only uploading a few photos or writing interesting captions to them. It also implies checking statistics constantly, determining what content your followers like the most, what traffic your Instagram account generates and how to improve it, etc. To detect all this, you’ll need to analyze and constantly improve your strategy.