Authenticity or perfection? Which is better for a brand on Instagram? Perhaps most brands will answer without even thinking twice -it’s better just to be yourself. This implies extending beyond personal accounts to consumer brands. In fact, it’s very difficult to distinguish between an authentic and a perfect Instagram account. There are examples of brands achieving great successes on both ends of the authenticity-perfection spectrum. Whether your brand needs authenticity or perfection for Instagram presence depends on these points:

  • You aim to get an attractive feed which will make your target audience fantasize about what they could have if joined to your brand;
  • Or you prefer less-polished photos and conversational captions your followers will relate to.


InstaBF, a leading provider of Instagram and IGTV comments, followers, likes and views, is going to dig deeper into the matter.



Authenticity on Instagram


Authenticity is the concept Instagram brands understand in different ways. If for some brands it’s the behind-the-scene images, for others it’s sharing genuine (not photoshopped) images. To be authentic on Instagram means to be true to your personality and brand spirit. However, it doesn’t have to fit every brand. Can you imagine the Instagram account of Walt Disney World filled with images of tired toddlers, long lines, sweating parents… Definitely no. That would be more realistic yet not true to the brand’s spirit. You expect images of magnificent fireworks, attractions and an overall fairy tale from the brand’s feed and you get that.


The Case for Authenticity


According to the statistics, around 86% of consumers state that the factor of authenticity is decisive when buying a product. Plus, the latest tendency shows that influencers have adopted a rawer presence, thus posting unedited images which show their imperfectness. Instagram Stories, designed to share off-the-cuff images of an uncurated life, are the biggest tools of authentic Instagram brands. They feel so little styled and so authentic that customers do rely on them.


The Case for Perfect Aesthetic


As we have mentioned above, the authenticity of a brand is highly crucial for consumers. But despite this, if we look at the most famous Gram accounts, we can see another story – those accounts which are complete with astounding photos of perfectly styled models taken by professional photographers are on the top. Just have a look at Kardashian sisters’ accounts. They have the highest follower counts in entire Instagram and post exceptionally perfect images with no single hair out of place. Indeed, Kim Kardashian has been reported to take more than $500, 000 for a single IG post and there’re plenty of brands who go to this. They get a tremendously higher ROI as numerous people get excited about buying from a brand promoting perfection. Such brands sell a glamorous lifestyle and the number of people dreaming of it will never decrease.

So, whether to go for a more authentic Instagram account or a perfect one depends on your brand, as well as the kind of your offers. If you serve up luxury stuff, sticking with an Instagram perfect aesthetic will be what you need. And if your brand is based on humor, for instance, going for an authentic approach is the best option.