Is there anything credible when it’s April Fool’s Day? Hardly. However, if you are an Instagrammer, you would definitely like to be a part of something big – big fooling on this merry day! Who knows, perhaps you can fool your followers and have much fun on that. Especially for this, InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, has separated several grandiose prank ideas you can play on Instagrammers this year. These are quite innocent jokes, yet they go a lot farther than such timeless gags, as, for instance, placing cellophane over your roommate’s toilet. So, happy fooling and get ready for the flack, cause no big joke goes without a hitch.



Get a Fake Spoiler


Most probably you know it well how annoying it is when you are deeply interested in an epic TV show and face huge reactions and get fake rumors on Instagram about it. All your expectations get ruined and you lose the enthusiasm toward the upcoming show. Well, April Fools’ Day is the perfect time you can fake a spoiler yourself to stress the hell out of your audience! Just work hard to make it believable and credible!



Fake Vacation


If the previous prank could create a whole hustle and bustle on Instagram, faking a vacation is quite a harmless one. It can only make your followers be jealous for several minutes. For this, use Photoshop or take a close photo of you in a swimming pool with some drink, post it with a “Having a great time in Bali” caption. Once the Fools’ Day is over, you can post a real image of you swimming in a pool with a cocktail glass in your hands! Be sure, your friends will be surprised!



Fake Wildlife Spotting


Would you like to appear in wildlife? Well, this can be organized for this great joke day. Just get an image of a wild animal with a moderate quality (to make your followers believe you took it with your smartphone), post it stating you are currently in the presence of a dangerous animal. By the way, use an image of an animal that’s likely to be met in your region. For instance, if you are in the States, mountain lions, bears, wolves would do great!



Make Ghost Stories


We know it isn’t Halloween, but April Fools’ Day can be used to frighten and fool your followers, too. To Blair Witch the hell out of your followers, you may need some planning and pre-recording. But believe, the results are worth the whole work. Concoct a couple of breathy and shaky clips, choose the most plausible one and post it on this fun day!



Faux Hilarious Sponsorship


Today there are so many influencers on Instagram, that faking an influencer sponsorship won’t be doubtful. Be sure, this is so easy to pull off! However, if you have never partnered with a brand previously, don’t go for glamour, instead, opt for something simpler. This can be mucus-fighting medication or a fungal cream. The choice is yours, just make the “sponsored” post as plausible as possible. For more validity, don’t forget to use an appropriate hashtag (#spon #ad would do great).


April Fools’ Day is a kind funny holiday. Spend it with your followers on Instagram and make as much fun as you can!