Every Instagram entrepreneur knows well all those challenges for one’s mental health one meets working online in social media. Agree that it’s so hard to protect your mental health when you have to stand against such daily inconveniences as receiving hurtful comments and constant ping notifications, staying ahead of trends and dealing with myriads of human characters and tempers. Never actually switching off from work adds the biggest portion of stress on all this. Here at InstaBF, in the blog of the industry-leading Instagram and IGTV provider, we know it well how hard it is to deal with everyday social media stress. Right for this reason, we have prepared this article. Here you will find some best tools and applications to build your resilience whether you are at work or at home.



Building a Mindful Instagram Space for Work


Creating a mindful space for work is a priority if you don’t want to go crazy on Instagram! As a social media manager or brand, you should know about this. Fortunately, there are amazing features that can soothe your Instagram scrolling experience and help you have some time to free your mind. These are:

  • Muting push notifications
  • Using Gram to manage the time spent in this application
  • Blocking insulting comments
  • Taking away the focus from Instagram likes
  • Scheduling Insta content beforehand



Using Applications to Get Minutes of Calmness During the Working Day


The mind of a social media manager is constantly overwhelmed with endless hours filled with deadlines, reports, to-do lists, phone calls, etc. In fact, the majority of the hours we are awake we spend at work. Anyway, there are ways you can use to incorporate some calmness to your work routine.


Use Headspace Application to Clear Your Mind

Headspace has numerous (several hundred) meditations designed to help to fall asleep, relieve stress and anxiety, etc. Here you can find as long so short (even five-minute-long) meditations. By the way, researches show that this application lowers stress by 32%. The app is available on both Android and iOS.


The Fabulous Application to Build Healthy Habits

As a rule, healthy habits form the basis of mental and physical well-being. Whether it’s a reminder to drink water during the day or do some exercises for your back pain, this application will incorporate that to your day. Besides all this, the application will provide you with interesting facts around science and mental health. Like the previous application, the Fabulous is applicable on Android and iOS.


Noisili App to Get in the Zone

If you find you lack some focus, try blocking external noise. How? By using Noisili Application. The latter will boost your productivity by mixing sounds and creating the ideal working environment you need. Whether you feel particularly calm with the background noises of a cafe or ocean waves, you can choose it. Besides being available on Android and iOS devices, you can use the app on the desktop.


Aloe Bud Application Suggests Recording Thoughts

Especially creative people have the problem of a myriad of thoughts rushing suddenly to their mind. Writing them down on paper doesn’t help as having so much stuff going on in your head, your hand simply doesn’t manage to write down all. With Aloe Bud App, you can organize all your thoughts with simple and brief prompts. Here you can keep a micro-journal. The app is designed only for iOS devices.