The constantly extending Instagram Stories functionality seems to open new horizons both for the average users and for SMM professionals. The guys from Instagram have introduced a bunch of new features recently. In this post, we will discuss 3 of them: face filters (similar to Snapchat), reverse video playing mode, and the eraser drawing tool. In this article, we will provide a brief review of these amazing features.

Face Filters

This feature is somewhat similar to Lenses in Snapchat. Sharing a face filter on Stories is activated with a simple right swipe from the home screen of the app and a single tap on the new face icon in the bottom right corner. The set of filters includes a number of various items (crowns, animal emojis, geek-looking glasses with mathematical formulas swarming over your head).

When the recording is ready there are a few options to use it: you can either send it to your friend with the Instagram Direct functionality or make it a part of a story. Face filters are available in all the Instagram modes. Take pictures, shoot a video or create a Boomerang – face filters will make any of your posts eye-catching and impressive.

Video Reverse Mode in Stories

The reverse mode (what a surprise!) allows you to rewind your videos and play them backward.

To activate this mode, open the Stories section and select the Reverse option from the bottom list (Live, Normal, Boomerang, Hands-Free). Hit the record button and create a bunch of various videos from comical sketches inspired by old-school cinema to psychedelic footage of the city life or the snowfall floating up into the skies.

The creative opportunities provided by the reverse video functionality are limited only by your imagination, so do not be afraid to experiment and share your experience with your followers. You will be surprised at how easy and entertaining the video creation may be.

Eraser Brush in Instagram Stories

This small yet useful tool makes it possible to adjust your drawings added to pictures without the inevitable use of the “undo” button. At first glance, the eraser may seem to be quite an ordinary tool we have already seen in countless image editors – just select the tool to remove this or that part of your drawing and that’s it.

Still, you have just to add a little bit of your creativity to make some sort of a scratch card by filling the entire screen with a certain color (just hold for a few seconds with the drawing tool and the photo/video will be filled with the  selected color) and then editing it with the eraser. Act like an archaeologist revealing the ancient hieroglyphs on an Egyptian obelisk or create the misted glass effect  – this will make even the most trivial post attractive and bring you a few likes.

Just do not be afraid to unleash your creativity and imagination!