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500 Instagram Automatic Likes

500 Instagram Automatic Likes


  • 7 days package
  • Up to 4 posts per day
  • Extra Likes: 5-10% more for natural look
  • Free Views on all Videos

This package is a good choice for an SMM specialist managing the community of an event (a concert, a fashion week, an exhibition or a launch of discounts in a large shopping center). According to our experience and to our customers’ feedback, the best idea is to buy 500 automatic Instagram likes a few days before the event starts to ensure that the number of likes will grow gradually and in an organic way. We also recommend this for Instagram communities announcing contests or giveaways. Individual Instagram bloggers may benefit from purchasing this package of likes in two cases: a) if they are rather popular and are launching an event; b) if they are trying to provoke a viral effect.

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