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Video Effects for a Perfect Instagram Story

Video Effects for a Perfect Instagram Story

Like a devoted Instagrammer, you must have spotted the fabulous new video effects this social network has recently added to Stories’ capabilities. As Instagram Stories keep on rapidly growing in popularity, users need updates and new opportunities to make them even more impressive and remarkable. And now InstaBF, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider, will present to your attention several ways of adding flair to your Insta Stories, highlighting a video of a product or an event, increasing Instagram engagement, and creating a signature style for you on this social media. So, with this said, let’s dive into it right away! In fact, you can add video effects both prior to filming a Story and after it.


  • Subtle Video Effect


The Subtle filter has been created to soften an image. It will even give a bit o’face tuning. If you aren’t sure what effect to go to in your Story video, this will be the right choice.



  • Bloom Video Effect


Another amazing video effect for an Instagram Story is the Bloom effect. This reserved effect brings some color, as well as some bokeh goodness to a video. Be sure, your followers will appreciate your new Bloom videos!



  • Watercolor Video Effect


Artists and super-creative Instagrammers can’t stay indifferent to Watercolor effect. The latter makes any video truly unique and creative, especially when it has vibrant colors.



  • Duo Tone Video Effect


Do you consider yourself particularly original and a little bit crazy? Do your followers love your extraordinary content? If yes, then this somewhat polarizing effect is the perfect option for you.



  • Led Starburst Video Effect


Another interesting Video effect is great for those videos that have something in the center to drive attention to. Led Starburst is the effect you need to focus whatever you have in the center of your video.



  • B&W Film Video Effect


There are millions of big black and white film fans on Instagram. Are you one of them? If yes, then this filter is ideal for you. It’s a lot of fun particularly for models, actors, comedians, or those who want to add some old timely fun to their Stories.



  • Red Gradient Video Effect


Using this video effect for your Instagram Stories is somewhat dangerous. In fact, it has a lot of red! Use it wisely and make your signature effect only when you get your followers’ appreciation.



  • Prism Light Video Effect


Want to add some color yet not on the whole video? Prism Light subtle rainbow video effect will be great!



  • Glitter Video Effect


One of the most favorite video effects of plenty of Instagrammers is Glitter. If you don’t feel comfortable throwing a bucket of glitter in the air every time you shoot a video, give a go to Glitter video effect. It’s amazing for making glamorous and fun Stories.


So, you see there’s a bunch of new effects you can make use of any time you find your Instagram Story video looks somewhat boring. This was only the “surface” and there are plenty of others to give a try, too. By the way, Instagram adds new juicy options regularly. Don’t miss your chance but try them all to find the most suitable one to emphasize your unique brand voice.

Instagram Holiday Campaign Ideas for This May

Instagram Holiday Campaign Ideas for This May

What makes an Instagram brand successful? Perhaps answering DMs, running photocopies and generally being the first point of contact with the brand. All this make a part of a well-schemed marketing campaign just as following current holidays. As you can presume, it’s important for any blog owner to track holidays and celebrate them on Instagram. If you agree with this, take May holidays seriously and incorporate them into your marketing campaign. Be sure, you will only benefit from this. InstaBF, your true friend in the world of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers, will gladly present to your attention most interesting and significant holidays to celebrate in May.



Europe Day (May 3rd)


Does your brand call Europe home? Or do you intend to attract customers from European countries? In both cases celebrating this holiday, you will drive attention to your Instagram account. How to do this? Here are several ideas:

  • European Dressups and Lunch Breaks: Incorporating European clothes and food into your business for a photo session, you can make a lot of fuss around the holiday. Think about taking photos of your staff eating pizza, pasta, baguets for lunch while wearing a beret or other European clothing.
  • Content “Dressed” in Blue: Posting content that celebrates Europe (landmarks, etc.) make sure they are majorly in blue. Blue lights, tourist attractions… All this will do great!



Mother’s Day (May 13th)


We love mums, we adore mums and we can’t bypass the sweetest holiday of May – Mother’s Day! Share thematic and interesting content that promotes love, appreciation, and gifting.

  • Celebrate Mums in the Business Space: Use this holiday to celebrate the powerful mums involved in your business who are equally successful in running a business and raising kids. You can use the #ladybosses hashtag.
  • Holiday Giveaway: Use this holiday to host thoughtful giveaways such as comfortable nightwear, bath indulgences, etc. This way you can use trending hashtags and give back to your audience.



International Day of Families (May 15th)


Just two days after Mother’s Day, we celebrate International Day of Families. Here are a couple of holiday campaigns to consider:

  • Capture Events that Bring Families Together: Is family-filled love important to your brand? Then throw an event which will bring loved ones together a couple of weeks before the holiday and then share it in real-time.
  • The Little Things That Make Us a Family: As an Instagram marketer you should know that relatable content performs superbly on socials. Just think what family would mean to your target audience and use that concept to offer your products/services in that scope.



National Bike to Work Day (May 17th)


Is the concept of a healthy lifestyle important to you and your target audience? If yes, then why not promote getting to work by bike instead of car or bus on this holiday?

  • Capture Your Own Experience: Don’t get us wrong – we by no means condone riding and videoing unless you have a camera fastened to your bike. Capturing the serenity on your way from home to work will likely inspire others to get on a bike and start riding it.
  • Comparisons of Bikes VS Cars: Drive out a comparison between riding a bike to work and getting there by car. Be frank and don’t miss out the benefits of driving a car, yet make the emphasis on riding a bike.
The Best Video Editing Applications for Your Instagram Videos

The Best Video Editing Applications for Your Instagram Videos

Have you noticed that videos have started taking over our feeds and stories on Instagram? Most probably, yes. It’s high time to look for some video editing applications to make your post even more attractive. What’s the best in this is that one doesn’t have to be a professional videographer to create some awesome tracks and post on Gram. They will help you resize a video, add animations, branded assets to your videos, filter them, etc. InstaBF, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider, will gladly present to your attention some of the best video editing applications. By the way, most of them are entirely free!




Depending on where you plan to post your video (Insta Stories or feed) it must have appropriate dimensions. If Gram Stories must have 9:16 dimensions, while feed videos are better to have square forms to suit the whole grid. Using InShot application, you won’t find any editing process difficult. This app is perfect to trip or to resize footage, add filters, add music, background colors, text, stickers, speed up clips and all this with just a few taps. The app is free for both Android and iOS.





This is a perfect video editing kit that will do all the job you need with videos. It finds the best parts of footage and adds such editing techs as facial recognition, stabilization, filters, etc. This way the best footage will stay within the frame. The application is amazingly easy to navigate. Besides, there are video templates available to get you started if you can’t make out how to. The application is free only for the first 7 days after the purchase (costs $5 per month). It’s applicable on both iOS and Android.



Wondershare FilmoraGo


Another wonderful video editing application is Wondershare FilmoraGo designed for bloggers, Instagrammers, as well as YouTubers. In just a couple of minutes, you can make fantastic videos with appropriate music. As this application works only when you hold the smartphone horizontally, it’s better suited to square and landscape footage. The app is free for Android and iOS devices, yet final videos have watermarks. To remove them, you need to upgrade your account.





Choosing Mojo, you get a chance to create great Instagram story videos no matter whether you have any footage to play with or not. The app’s animated templates are simply amazing. This application is especially appropriate to those Instagrammers who want to their text content stand out. It allows to add text, pages, change the background colors. The application is available only on iOS gadgets.



Adobe Premiere Rush CC


Most probably you have heard that professional videographers highly praise Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software. And now there’s a sister application to it specially designed for mobile editing and social sharing. This is the Adobe Premiere Rush CC. With the latter you can cut, edit, format, share fabulous content to social media accounts. In this application, you can select templates to base your video on, change the frame colors, dimensions, fonts, etc. The app is free only on iOS devices.

Hashtag Hacks to Try Out

Hashtag Hacks to Try Out

One of the most effective ways of boosting your Instagram engagement is making use of some great hashtag hacks! Particularly which? Let’s find out that together with InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider.



Add as Many Hashtags as You Wish


Is there any right amount of hashtags to add to an Instagram post? Some Instagram users recommend using from five to ten tags while others (expert Alex Tooby, for instance) advise using the maximum 30 tags allowed. Most probably this number must be picked up individually. And if you have found out your account benefits from using multiple hashtags, there is a grandiose hack that will let you use even more than 30 tags in one post! However, make use of that hack only when you have more than 30 super-relevant hashtags you simply can’t miss out.



Add Line Breaks Before Hashtags


Many Instagrammers complain about Instagram removing line breaks from captions. This is definitely annoying especially when you invest much love and energy into creating captions. By adding individual symbols (such as dashes or stars) you could create the necessary line breaks. And now you can do this with special applications. And if you have determined to include around thirty hashtags, using line breaks will make them look less messy and cluttered.



Pick Up Hyper-Relevant Hashtags for Higher Engagement


If you are a fan of those ultra-popular hashtags such as #instagood, #love, etc. you must know that using them won’t raise your engagement. All that you can expect are a few likes. To raise engagement, opt for super-relevant and niche hashtags that best describe your brand and meet your target audience’s needs.



Adding Hashtags to Insta Stories to Appear on Explore Page


One of the best ways of making your Insta content more discoverable by new audiences is adding hashtags not only to ordinary posts but also to Stories. Once Instagramers look for a hashtag, they can view real-time stories on the hashtags’ page. So, to make use of this, add a hashtag either through using the hashtag sticker (allows adding only one tag) or typing your hashtags out with the text tool. The second method allows adding as many as up to 10 tags on one Story!



Hiding Hashtags in Stories


Surely, hashtags boost the discoverability of Stories, yet they can also ruin its aesthetic look (especially when you post several tags on one Story). To avoid this, simply hide the tags. How? Just type them and then pinch to make them small (not too small or Gram will not register them). After this, hide them with an image sticker or a GIF. Additionally, you can write the hashtags in the same color that is your Story background. This way they will blend into the background while still being searchable.



Adding Hashtags to Bio


Another great means of driving engagement to Instagram posts through hashtags is including them into our Bio. This is highly functional. You see, this way you can promote your Gram community, announce campaigns, and even highlight your branded content. However, mind that hashtags in bio are clickable only on the web and not on the mobile application. Use this means to get the content created about you particularly by your followers, connect with your customers, and set long-term relationships with partners.

Implement these few hashtag hacks on your account and boost your engagement on Instagram!

Instagram Holiday Campaign Ideas for This April

Instagram Holiday Campaign Ideas for This April

Once April rolls around, one-quarter of the year will be passed. This means you have had quite much time to boost your Instagram marketing campaign through holidays. And if for some reason you have missed such important holidays as Women’s Day or St Valentine’s Day, it’s high time to approach hashtag holiday campaigns over the next quarter more seriously. Now, InstaBF, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to bring to your attention several ideas on how you can incorporate upcoming holidays into your business’s marketing campaign. Let’s start with April’s holidays.



National Walking Day (April 3rd)


There are thousands and millions of Instagrammers who appreciate and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Celebrating national walking day on your Gram account is a great means of attracting their attention. So, here are a couple of tips on how you can celebrate this holiday:

  • Giveaways for Health Brands – It’s a grandiose means to organize giveaways on this day to create hype during the upcoming days.
  • Competition (Step Counter) – Why not organize a competition and encourage people to count their steps?!
  • Walking Breaks – To encourage your customers and followers walk during lunch breaks, organize such walking breaks yourself. Take a video or imagery to share on Instagram and thus promote a team environment of a brand.



National Pet Day (April 11th)


Pet owners will agree that animals quickly become family members once you start taking care of them. And did you know that there’s a holiday dedicated to our four-legged friends? As you have probably guessed, it’s a great idea to devote a post or two to pets, be sure their owners will appreciate! How? Let’s check out some ideas:

  • Lookalike posts – Have you heard that in the course of time pet owners start looking like their pets? Use this fact to create a hilarious April’s post.
  • Animal-Friendly Brands – Do you run a business not incorporating animals in tests? Well done! Pet owners will appreciate that hence don’t lose this chance to remind them about it. Soon you will find many new followers (passionate about animal rights) join your account.



National Stress Awareness Day (April 16th)


Nowadays there is perhaps no social media manager or business owner who is unaware of stress. And right for this, there’s National Stress Awareness Day celebrated on April 16th. Have a look at our top hashtag campaign ideas related to this holiday.

  • Take it Easy – It’s a clever way to give a value to this holiday by giving your followers critical anti-stress ideas (trash negative thoughts, wear something comfy, compliment yourself, etc.).



National Picnic Day (April 23rd)


Picnics always refresh, energize and make life so much better! Businesses and brands can make use of this holiday to encourage organizing picnics outdoors with snacks, some fresh bakery products, and fruit in a basket. Especially for this:

  • Bring Inside Businesses Outside – Those businesses which are cooped up in offices, can make use of this lovely holiday and get out among the great outdoors. Showcase products, take photos of your office workers having fun outdoors and post all that on Instagram.